gaook new function: share your life

share your life

1、What is “share your life”?

A “share your life“, in which members can upload their photos to appeal Likes, has been added to Homepage. No limitation to the frequency that each account uploads photos. We will select some photos among all the members’ to show on the “share your life”. Click the p
Note: VIP and Senior members have the priority to be displayed on the Member’s Show column.

2、Under which condition will my photos be showed on the “share your life”?

(1) Photos on the Moods
(2) Photos on the Albums
(3) Or the photos uploaded through the “share your life”
(4) All have the possibility being recommended to the “share your life” if the photos are posted in public.

3、How many votes can I cast every day?

General member: 10n votes
Senior member: 50n votes
VIP: Unlimited votes
Note: n is your online level. You can only cast one vote to the identical photo and cannot vote for yourself.

4、How do I cancel my photo on the “share your life”?

(1) Enter the homepage of “My sharing”, to choose certain photo to cancel
(2) Cancel the photo after entering the album it belongs to and then the corresponding photo on the “share your life” will be cancelled.



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